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Custom Ticketing Widget


If a partner associated with a customer has custom ticketing enabled, a custom ticketing widget will be presented when the user clicks the Contact Support menu option.  The "Contact Support" option is accessible through the help menu persistently displayed in the upper right corner of every page


Custom Ticketing can be enabled by checking the 'Custom Ticketing' box on the Admin portal's Partner Create/Configure page.  Messages will be sent to the URL supplied within an HTTP POST request.  If values are supplied for both of the optional Username and Password fields, the request will be sent using HTTP Basic Authentication.

Submitting Requests

When a user submits a support request using the Custom Ticketing widget, the following arguments will be sent via HTTP POST to the URL defined: user, email, subject, and message.  The value of the user attribute will be the username of the user who submitted the message.  The email attribute will be the same user's email address.  The value of the subject attribute will either be "Support Request" or "System Error" depending on the type of request.  The value of the message attribute will include the text supplied by the user as well as the user's full name and username. 

Additional Notes

  • When custom ticketing is enabled, both "Contact Support" and "System Error" support requests will be posted to the defined URL instead of UserVoice.
  • Each time a request is posted, a task is created.  The task status will be set to 'Error' if a 200 is not received from the POST request.  When 200 is received, the task's status will be set to 'Success'.
  • If the customer's immediate partner does not have custom ticketing enabled, the partner hierarchy will be traversed.  The custom ticketing URL (and optional credentials) of the first ancestor with custom ticketing enabled will be used.
  • Before a customer environment has been loaded (login page, admin site), the Uservoice widget will be used since the customer and its partner is unknown at that point.

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