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NCD – Inviting Users to Navisite Cloud Director

You can invite new users to Navisite Cloud Director as follows:

  1. Click USERS in the "Admin" section of the navigation pane at the left side of the window. The Users page appears.

  2. At the Users page, click +Invite User to view the Invite User page.

  3. At the Invite User page, enter the appropriate information and click Invite User to submit. The system emails the user a one-time activation link that must be exercised within a week.

Usernames for login must be globally unique, and are validated as they are entered into the "Username" field. If an entered username is not validated, simply update the "Username" field until a unique value is accepted.

The new user’s login username for Navisite Cloud Director includes the suffix “@organization_name” -- the vCloud organization name (usually a short version of your company name, assigned by Navisite). For example, if your organization is "exampleco", a new user with the Username value "jdoe" will log in as "jdoe@exampleco".

Assigning Roles to Users

See details at: Configuring User Roles

Logging into Navisite Cloud Director
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