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NCD – How do I log into vCloud Director (vCD)?

In addition to using the Navisite Cloud Director interface, you may also manage your your assets from VMware's vCloud Director interface.

Note: Each physical data center is running a separate instance of vCD, so there is a different URL for each. If your Navisite Cloud Director account has access to multiple physical data centers, you must log into the appropriate vCD instance depending on which assets you need to manage.

Accessing from Navisite Cloud Director

  1. Click the left navigation pane's Services option.
  2. From the Services page expand the vCloud Director section. The service is enabled by default in all vClouds.
  3. Click Launch web client for the vCloud you wish to access.

vCD launches in a new window without requiring your credentials to log you in.

Accessing Separately

To access vCD outside of Navisite Cloud Director, use the appropriate URL provided in the following table:

vCloud vCD Login URL
Andover01[organization name]
Redhill01[organization name]
SantaClara01[organization name]
Woking01[organization name]

The [organization name] value in the URL is the vCloud organization name (usually a short version of your company name, assigned by Navisite).

When logging in, provide your Username value created via the system's Add User procedure, along with your password.

Example: For example, Navisite Cloud Director user "jdoe@company" can log into the Andover01 vCloud by accessing URL "", and then providing his username "jdoe" and password.

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